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At his moment the Walktroughs are far from done and in a beta state, we will finish these pages as soon as possible, but likelly later than soon. The work on the S3TC textures consume almost all the time i have. But the Walkthroughs will be there and are on top of the list. In the case you are looking for the Walkthroughs, there are several sites that offer them, so in the meantime you may wanna have a look at those.

Old Unreal site:

UnrealSP (menu on the left choose Walkthrough):

Planet Unreal:


We have four walktroughs:

- A walk through the history of Unreal.
- A walk through the history of the Celtic Warriors.
- A walk through all the missions from Unreal
- A walk trough the Return To Na Pali mission.

Each mission is accompanied with screenshots, sounds and the music belonging to that level. On the bottom of each page you can find a download section so you can download the music, sounds or a printable page with and without the screenshots.

There is also a download page in case you want to download everything in bulk, but its way more fun to read through each page, and click on the various sounds while the music is playing and than after your done reading download the files on the bottom while the music is ending :)

We also have a section that is without music, in case you dont want music. Still, we advise you to choose the walktroughs having music, i promise you won't be disapointed.



Enjoy :)





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